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For a long time now, we have worked to develop this web solution, especially for the convenience of our dealers.
Our online store is now integrated with our ERP system and we can therefore present stock levels, prices etc direct to the site and enter orders in the same. We also have an image database, where you can download images of our products in printing quality.
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Our Ambitions

- Fast and effective material handling.

Having a warehouse of 11.000 sqm. we need to practice what we preach.

Effective logistics gives you the fastest deliveries for products in stock.

We should mention that we have full range in stock.

You simply save time.

… And everyone knows that time is money.

Artickle number:
Name: Packaging: ST
Units: M


Casing tube: 114,3x5,0x3000mm 10 30


Casing tube: 139,7x5,0x3000mm

10 30


Casing tube: 139,7x5,6x3000mm

10 30


Casing tube: 168,3x5,0x3000mm

10 30
SRP235TR1-5 Casing tube: 193,7x5,4x3000mm 10 30


Casing tube: 139,7x5,0x3000mm

10 30


Casing tube: 168,3x5,0x3000mm

10 30


Casing tube: 168,3x5,6x3000mm

10 30
SRS355J2H-9  Casing tube: 193,7x5,4x3000mm 10 30


Casing tube: 219,1x6,3x3000mm 4 12
Casing tube in lenghts of 6m is available if enquiredd.

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