Silverstone Group



Silverstone Group is a trading group that is divided into three different business segments: material handling, motor vehicles and furniture.
The company is active in 28 countries through its head office / warehouse in Ljungby, and through various subsidiaries in several countries.

Silverstone was founded in 1995 by Claes Persson. The first business that was started specialised in imports of hand pallet trucks from China, which then grew into a broadrange of easy material handling. This is now sold by dealers in 28 countries.

Silverstone Fastigheter was formed in 1996 through an acquisition of Hultsfred Municipality buildings in Rosenfors / Målilla, additional acquisitions has continuously implemented.

Silverstone Design has since 1998 engaged in the importation of home lighting from China. Today, the product range also furniture and are sold through retailers in Sweden.

ATV Sweden started in 2002 and later became the first in Sweden to sell road registered quads.
Today are mopeds and motorcycles also included in the range and are sold through retailers in Scandinavia.


Silverstone Polska formed in 2006, the company markets both material and quads on the Polish market.


ATV Sweden in 2009 opened a branch in Norway under the name ATV Norway AS.

ATV Sweden in 2009 opened a branch in Finland under the name ATV Sweden AB branch in Finland.

In 1999, the turnover of the Group was 7 million and during 2019 we passed 450 millions.
To cope with expansion a new inventory was built on 6600 square meters next to European Route fourth.
It means more than a doubling of the surface. There are now warehouses and offices of 11,600 square meters.
The group currently has 46 employees, including nine in Poland. Managers and staff are handpicked and possesses great expertise-but only within their area of ​​specialization. Coordination during a umbrella company provides great benefits, including in terms of administration, transportation, logistics and warehousing.